“Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.”  
- Janis Joplin
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A 12-Step Alternative to Treatment

It is our goal to become invisible and minimize the dominance of treatment in your life. It is our objective to get you to the place where treatment is your safety net, not your life.

Narcotic Replacement Therapy is exactly that. Methadone is a liquid narcotic taken orally, prescribed by a licensed physician. NATA is licensed by the State of California Alcohol and Drug Programs, and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, for use of methadone in the treatment of addiction. Every prominent scientific

research branch of the medical community concludes that methadone is the most effective treatment for narcotic drug addiction and dependency.

Methadone Maintenance
Methadone Maintenance provides you with control over your addiction. This program (unlike the detoxification program) allows you to manage your medication based on your individual symptoms and length of time in treatment. Every person is different and has different needs. This program has the flexibility to accommodate your changing individual needs.

This is a 21 day program determined by the State of California. It includes a predetermined methadone dose de-escalation schedule. It is available for those who are new in treatment and prefer a program with maximum structure.

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Individual Counseling
Every patient has a counselor who will work with you to achieve your goals. It is NOT our agenda to impose our goals or beliefs on you. It is NOT our agenda to impose any judgment or attitudes on you. It is our goal to assist you with those things that you determine are important, no matter how big or how small. It is NATA’s objective that you have the freedom to self determine your treatment process and outcomes. It is our goal to help you get there. It is just that simple.

We help you set goals for yourself and then help support your efforts in obtaining those goals. We work to have a positive influence on your thought process, and help guide you where you want to go. We will support you when you are feeling defeated, or celebrate with you when something great happens.



How Else Do We Help You?
We have a resourceful team that can assist you with all sorts of “life” issues that may include; other health issues and hospitalizations; benefits such as Social Security, Medi- Cal, General Relief; legal issues and court hearings; housing such as transitional and sober living; and family issues that always present themselves. It is your choice, if you want help we are ready.

Urine Analysis Testing
All of our patients are required to have one Urine Analysis (UA) test done once a month. This provides you with the results of your hard work. It provides us with the medical information that we need to treat you effectively. Patients receive absolute respect and privacy in the collection of urine samples.

Take Home Medication
Methadone, prescribed for addiction treatment, is highly regulated and controlled by the State of California and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Methadone is dispensed on site daily. Patients transferring from another clinic with earned take-home medication will maintain their same treatment schedule.

Take Home Medication - Earned
You have the ability to earn take-home medication that can reduce your visits to the clinic. As you become stronger in managing your addiction and earning take-homes, like your addiction we will become less and less visible in your life. It is our goal to get you there, and to support you as you take back your life.

Take Home Medication - Exceptions
Patients who have conflicts with daily dosing may receive an exception from the State of California. These conflicts may include employment schedules, medical reasons, and conflicts with caregiver responsibilities. Patients may receive up to 6 Take Homes depending on their individual situations.

Patients needing to go out of town for their employment, vacation, bereavement, or family emergency may receive Take Home medication from us or may be referred to a clinic near their destination to receive courtesy medication or a temporary transfer. This determination is done according to guidelines established by the State of California and the individual patient. Either way, our staff will go out of their way to see that you maintain your treatment no matter where you go.

Treatment Cost
The cost for methadone maintenance is far less expensive than your addiction.  Patients are charged a sliding scale fee based upon income and number of dependents.  If you have Medi-Cal, your treatment costs are covered.

Remember, it is our clinic’s goal to become invisible in your life and not to make you a slave to your addiction or your treatment. It is our clinic’s goal to bring back order and perspective to you as a whole person with a whole life.


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